About Us

Debbie’s family, (her parents, grandparents and great grandparents) all lived on the south side of Chicago. Debbie grew up visiting her grandparents who remained on the south side, in the Pill Hill neighborhood, until their death in the early 90’s.

Sultan was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and is very passionate about changing the experiences of children and their families on the south side, for the better.

Debbie and Sultan’s south side of Chicago connections, shared television/film production experiences and similar desire to give back, led to the birth of Lane 44.

Our Name

The number 44 is often used to represent success in business, with a focus on future generations. This is our mandate: To create lanes paved with the skills, confidence and optimism needed to steer the YCSS toward economic success, for themselves and generations to come.

Our Mission

Through exposure to the intricate and exciting world of film production, Lane 44 empowers the Youth of Chicago’s South Side (YCSS) to envision a road to success through a professional career in film or video production, or other meaningful employment of their choosing.

What we do

Lane 44 provides exposure-opportunities to the YCSS who will assist in the production of professional feature films.

Who we serve

Chicago south side youth, ages 16-22.