Complex: The Best New TV Shows and Movies This Week

Complex: The Best New TV Shows and Movies This Week

It’s funny; while Hobbs & Shaw is looking to take over the box office this weekend, you won’t see it take over this particular list. That’s not to say you won’t have fun going to see the film, but we’re not sure if it needs to occupy a “best” list, unless it’s “best use of all of the jokes in one blockbuster action film.” But I digress.

This week, we have a mainstay on this list (big up HBO), a British import that’s got a smashing new season on Netflix, the other series from the creators of Comedy Central‘s South Side, and a more indie film that will give you a glimpse at one of the rising stars on the silver screen. If you want well-rounded viewing options, we’ve got you covered.

Scroll through this, check out the best of this week, and plan your weekend viewing accordingly.

Detective Bennett from ‘Euphoria’

Where to SeeHBO

As penultimate episodes go, this past Sunday’s episode of Euphoria wasn’t my favorite. It’s leading to a conclusion we’ve already known (Nate’s a total douche) and letting fan favorite Fez suffer. The telling of Cassie’s heartbreaking backstory at the beginning was masterful, but like a few episodes of Euphoria, ends up getting lost in the weeds for the A and B storylines. Even Jules’ drug-addled reflections on the dancefloor were beautifully shot (although it felt like us, the viewer, had a few hits of molly, which was probably by design). That said, the entire Detective Bennett sequence, where a manic Rue donned suspenders, a gun holster, and a bunch of cigarettes to help guide her to the answer to the “what the fuck is going on with Jules” question. Instead of her just monologuing to her Love Island-streaming laptop, we got to see her working out the thought process on the crime, coming to a fairly logical conclusion, all the while maintaining some semblance of cop talk about the situation with Jules and Nate. It’s those genius sequences that keep viewers like myself coming back each week, seeing how the Euphoria gang will flip the script. —khal

‘Sherman’s Showcase’ – “Meet Sherman” (Episode 1, Season 1)

Where to SeeIFC

You might call it a sly Soul Train send-up, but series co-creator Diallo Riddle likens itmore to the classic Airplane!-style of parody, with black music (and black culture in general) being the hook. The series, which is the second from Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin this summer (they also crafted Comedy Central’s well-received South Side), plays like a DVD documentary series on the fictional Sherman’s Showcase, which aired in the early ‘70s through the present. From hilarious original songs and celebrity appearances (series producer John Legend narrates episode one, which also features a quick cameo by Tiffany Haddish), all keeping the funny intact. Do NOT sleep on the best variety series of the summer. —khal


Where to See: In theaters

Kelvin Harrison, Jr., star of Luce, has been on the lips of many cinematic tastemakers all year for performances like what he delivers in Luce. Standing toe-to-toe with a capital T Thespian like Octavia Spencer is a strong feat for an actor many moviegoers haven’t heard of, but that’s why you’ll need to watch Luce. The film examines what it’s like when the model student doesn’t appear to be as magical as they are hyped to be. You’ll find yourself wondering if Luce is who we think he is, or if he has a more sinister agenda behind that big smile and beautiful resume, which should be part of the fun of cinema. —khal

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